What are the benefits of using a gaming pc?

Gamers have always had a debate going about whether or not playing on pc is better than playing on a console. The truth is that there are benefits to both, but the benefits to playing on pc definitely are more than playing on a console. There are so many upsides to playing on pc that it’s surprising that there aren’t more people who exclusively game on pc over console.

Global Domination: It is known fact that most of the users in the world are using desktop computers as their everyday computer. You can find them in homes, schools, offices and banks. Wherever you go they are more frequently used than notebook PCs.

Cost of Desktop: The most attractive part of having a Gaming PC is that they cost much less than laptops, you can find plenty of deals on cheap gaming desktops over the internet including online store such as Amazon and eBay auctions. So it is really matter of your budget, you can plan to get a computer that fall under $1000 range or $1500.  It is easily possible to find a cheaper alternative at a price around $500.

Easy to upgrade: One great aspect of desktop machines is that they can be easily upgraded, you can easily replace any hardware components or parts by opening your desktop casing. For gamers who build their own custom desktop, they usually upgrade their system memory and install a dedicated graphic card and CPU while making a desktop in order to convert their regular computer into a gaming PC.

Good For Health: games are usually played hours long and desktops are always placed on a desk and the user sits on a chair, so this way players are in better position and are bound to stay in that position while they play the game.  Whereas in laptops they can lay down or sit on couch or carpet and start playing games for hours, this bad posture of the body affects the user’s health.

Another great benefit of pc gaming is that the games themselves are open to more possibilities. Downloading mods for games is a great way to give new life to an old game and it’s something that you can’t do on a console at all. Many users exclusively play mods and it’s a great way to get new gameplay experience without spending a lot of money. Since pc games are already cheaper than console games, you get even more gameplay for less money.

Furthermore, there are many games that are never released on console. Games are usually first released on pc since developing a game for console is very expensive. Only once a game is very financially successful does it become available on consoles. Many games are never successful enough to be adapted and thus console gamers are missing out on many great games that pc gamers got to lay without any waiting time.