Online Dating Tips Everyone Should Follow

If you are looking for love online there are some really important tips you need to follow. While you may be tempted to go for one of the “paid” dating sites these rules are universal and should be followed religiously. The first thing you should do is use a distinct profile picture so no one is able to take your profile photo and, using the search engines, reverse search it. By doing the reverse search an individual could find your social networking profile which includes your personal details which could be used by individuals with bad intentions.

Do not put your exact address when creating an online dating account. While the companies that are providing these dating services take reasonable steps to safeguard your information if they fell victim to hackers then your personal details would be floating around in cyberspace. Try using the nearest cross street when filling out the address section of your online profile. While on the topic of addresses it would also be smart to create a separate Email account used solely for online dating. This may seem like overkill but you don’t want hackers to get your primary Email address, by creating this secondary Email it will insulate you should the online dating website fall victim to hackers.

After your profile is up and running only agree to meet prospective individuals at a public place and only after you have texted back and forth with them over the course of a week. Individuals who are overly eager to meet-up after saying “hello” may be looking for something more than what you are willing to give.  Prior to meeting with anyone let a trusted friend know where you will be, around what time and when they should call/message you to see how the date is going. If you followed these safety tips then you can get to know the person better and decide whether they are a suitable match for you.